Konrad Banaszkiewicz 

I work as a graphic designer at Kore-art Publishing.

Professionally I do advertising design. That includes folders, larger publications, calendars, company papers, logotypes, illustrations and much more other things associated with printing. I also create computer graphics. In my creations I utilize my own digital photos, drawings or paintings. My art is done in Photoshop with the help of such programs as Painter, 3Dmax, or Illustator.

For past several years traveling has been my passion. I’ve been to Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz, Ukraine, Romania and Lithuania.

Gosia Banaszkiewicz

I am a painter and a photographer and I practice applied arts. I love using ornamentation and embellishments and try to merge different cultural influences. A tree is a frequently used object, as I absolutely love trees.

In my professional capacity I work as a computer graphic designer, photographer and photo reporter actively promoting my city, it's art and culture. 

I enjoy silence. I am passionate about applied arts, my graphic design techniques include linocut, dry point engraving, etching, aquatint. Silk screen printing is my favourite though, and pieces of my work using this technique are available to see on my web page.

I am a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, having read Graphic Design and taking on an extra degree in Ceramics and Pottery. I have graduated in 1999.